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Three factors for doing crowdfunding in Quebec

First, crowdfunding in Quebec has taken over a shy market, where a new alternative economy is developing.

I will explain it to those who do not know this one in clear terms.

For example, you need to finance a project. You are also looking for funds from banks and organizations! However, doors are constantly closing on your project.

Crowdfunding can probably help you by soliciting donations from a large audience.

Here are the three factors that will allow you to start a crowdfunding campaign better.

Your product/service is not your message!

During your crowdfunding campaign in Quebec, the product or service you offer should not appear in the foreground. On the contrary, you must; put forward. You are the star. People will give you to you and not to the original project.

Are you a creator? Create!

Generally, professional project leaders are creators. And a large part is found in Quebec. Yet when it comes time to do a crowdfunding campaign, they lose their creative momentum.

They want the campaign to work so badly that they lose their creativity and get into the woods doing nothing but pure advertising. So, Internet users are just waiting to see their creativity during this crowdfunding campaign.

Go to your pencils and videos and become who you were before this stress of success.

You all certainly want to succeed in your crowdfunding and reduce stress to the highest degree. So I invite you to read this article: Praise your moment of success. That will help you take a step back and see your campaign differently.

Inspire others through your crowdfunding campaign in Quebec!

Finally, in your creative momentum, do not forget to inspire Internet users and Google and Facebook. You must live up to what they expect during this crowdfunding campaign.

Initially, you need to demonstrate your why. The one that animates you makes you vibrate, making you feel a lump in your stomach. The one that prevents you from breathing so much that it is addictive and wants to come true.

It is the one that all want to know because we all have this imminent need to be inspired by others to improve our lives.

You, as a creator, have this challenge to make us laugh, cry, play and entertain us. And also educate and inform us.

If you fulfill one of these elements above, you will conquer us.

We can say that we got our money’s worth because any creation deserves a win-win exchange in crowdfunding.

sociofinancement au Québec

Crowdfunding in Quebec – You are in the spotlight!

Finally, to launch a crowdfunding campaign in Quebec, you have 3 points to remember.

The first is that your message is clear and concise and that YOU don’t promote your products or services.

The second point is you resume your role as creator. Either by video or writing, however, put yourself in action now. You already know how to do it. So keep!

And finally, inspire us. Make our butterflies can start dancing to the sound of your music. Drink your words. To be amazed by your colours.

Crowdfunding in Quebec is more than a campaign. It is a creative way to open your emotions and feelings to the world.

It’s a way to make yourself visible and discover your target audience.


To your success!

Guylaine Beauchemin – Project Manager in crowdfunding

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