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Avoid these 9 mistakes when you do a crowdfunding campaign

If your crowdfunding campaign has failed, you, the project promoter, now know that the main problem you have experienced is having launched it too quickly. You had a project, and you were excited to present it to everyone, without exception. And above all, as soon as possible. You didn’t even have an idea how to do crowdfunding. What do you want! Human nature was created this way.

I will therefore present the nine mistakes that project creators make during a fundraising campaign. Thus, you will know precisely how to make a crowdfunding campaign.


Thanks to the nine mistakes listed below, you will avoid the pitfalls many people have experienced during a crowdfunding campaign. Then, you will save precious time and invest your money well.

Indeed, most people do not know how to do crowdfunding. Because due to the crowdfunding trend that has been on the rise since only 2016, no school taught crowdfunding. The project creators were doing the best they thought.

So I will reveal these nine mistakes that you will avoid immediately before creating your crowdfunding campaign.

Luckily you’re reading this article today!

See how you can create a crowdfunding campaign effectively!

First, to know how to do crowdfunding effectively, you have to take the time to prepare your campaign.

These steps, well done over time, will make the success of the financing of the project. Do not be in a hurry. Here are the steps of good preparation.

  • Know your overall goal and priority phases.
  • Make a complete analysis of your project in detail.
  • Write an inspiring project.
  • Launch your project on a platform and promote your campaign.

Success goes from rejection to failure while remaining motivated because the day will come when you reach your goal.

Take 7 seconds to avoid the failure of a crowdfunding campaign!


1) Launch a crowdfunding campaign before having a fan list.

According to author Jamey Stegmaier, the creator did not build his community before launching his campaign. In addition, it has not supported and participated in at least ten to twenty projects. He should have figured out how to do crowdfunding.

2) Minimal communication.

The creator did not actively engage during the campaign. Instead, be through comments, updates of the project, and even surveys of its contributors.

3) An ugly presentation.

The creator uses low-quality images. A project page that does not reflect either the product, service or ultimate goal of the project. In addition, it is not known why the creator is excited.

4) Unattractive reward structure.

In addition, rewards, also known as counterparties, are disproportionate to their perceived value.

Gagner sa campagne de sociofinancement

What’s the safest way to create a successful campaign!

5) Inaccurate funding target.

The goal is too high for backers to believe in funding the project. And besides, the goal is too low for backers to trust that the creator can achieve their financial plan with a limited budget.

6) Aggressive promotional approach.

Although the creator uses social media to promote his project, he pollutes it with an aggressive approach that is unattractive to backers. That is called a person who does not know how to do crowdfunding.

7) Communicate the name of the platform.

In addition, the project creator must mention the name of the platform on which he has submitted a project. However, there is no point in running a campaign on behalf of this platform.

8) Too many project updates.

Another critical point, according to Jamey Stegmaier. During a campaign, more than three updates a week cause your fans to unsubscribe.

9) A campaign that is too long.

Finally, the duration of a campaign is too long (more than forty-five days). Backers forget that the project is in a state of emergency to be realized.

Do you see why it’s essential to dig deeper into how to do crowdfunding before you start!

Become an expert by receiving advice from a pro and know how to do crowdfunding!

In conclusion, most of us have made these nine evil mistakes for good. 

Because now you have the chance not to reproduce them. You will save time and energy, and you will be able to experience success from the first campaign because you will know how to make a crowdfunding campaign.

The Makers de Rêves Academy offers you the coaching of its campaign professionals to build it solidly from the start.

Not sure if a campaign is right for you? Download the preparatory guide for a crowdfunding campaign.

To your success!

Guylaine Beauchemin – Project Manager in crowdfunding

P.S – Have you read the article on crowdfunding donation and rewards? Please read it now. It can enlighten you.

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