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New Partner: Environ Focus

New partner: Synertium

How to search for financing

How to search for financing without getting caught up in a useless opportunity.

Three factors for doing crowdfunding in Quebec

Three factors that will allow you to better start a crowdfunding campaign.

Do you have what it takes to find project financing for your startup?

Several possible funding programs for the startup.

Funding in Quebec

Funding in Quebec is gaining strength with businesses.

Crowdfunding for a business

Have you thought about doing a crowdfunding campaign for your business?

Crowdfunding and taxation for businesses in Quebec

Crowdfunding and taxation for Quebec and worldwide businesses.

Crowdfunding and banking

Your crowdfunding campaign could become an ally for the bank.

The 3 main factors to know in crowdfunding for business

Companies seek financing for the realization of their project. See how crowdfunding could help you.

Crowdfunding and taxes

How does a crowdfunding campaign work with taxes?

What is crowdfunding

What is Crowdfunding? Information to better educate you.

Avoid these 9 mistakes when you do a crowdfunding campaign

Avoid mistakes that could bring your crowdfunding campaign to ruin.

How to make an inspiring storytelling

Three techniques for engaging storytelling.

Crowdfunding donation with rewards

Discover the most used terms in crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding for business creation

Crowdfunding offers excellent advantages for creating a business.

Which crowdfunding platform or site to choose

Which platforms might be suitable for your crowdfunding campaign?

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