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Crowdfunding for business creation

In 2016, I was looking for crowdfunding for business creation for my web TV. My cameraman told me:

“Guylaine! You could do a crowdfunding campaign”. I didn’t know about crowdfunding for business at that time. This type of financing was not yet widely recognized in Quebec.

So, I started doing research. By chance, a person on Linkedin contacted me to contribute to her project.

I contacted her to tell me about the project, primarily how this funding works.

From this period, I did my first crowdfunding campaign for business.

This campaign allowed me to test not only my idea but to make my web television known to a targeted clientele.

Financement participatif pour la création d’entreprise

Crowdfunding for business creation

Since I launched my project in 2014, this clientele has followed me on my adventure, and they made my project known to their friends and families.

Since I knew how to communicate well with people, word-of-mouth work was done naturally, without forcing anything.

It was an incredible period because it allowed me to meet new people, especially new collaborators.

Indeed, I interviewed different artists thanks to my new collaborators because of this crowdfunding campaign for business creation.

Like what? We must never despair during the campaign.

Backers to better evolve.

I tested my idea, which evolved thanks to the backers’ opinions. As a result, I promoted my web TV and made it known to a larger audience. And in addition, I met new collaborators.

Financement participatif pour la création d’entreprise

Happy reading and listening!

Guylaine Beauchemin – Project Manager in crowdfunding

P.S. – At this point, you could read my blog post that talks about which crowdfunding platform to choose.

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