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Do you have what it takes to find project financing for your startup?

First of all, the majority of people are looking for project financing. However, they don’t know where to look. The sites’ communication is somewhat outdated, although there are several funding resources in Quebec. It isn’t easy to find this help, especially if you have not had a financing project until now.

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter.

You have the idea to carry out a project, and you have a decision to make! And, according to your analysis, you will need project funding for your startup?

By researching funding on the Internet, you will find some exciting places and programs for your livelihood when funding your projects.

Please read our article on the three factors for crowdfunding in Quebec. It could surely interest you.

Financement de projets

Program for a startup financing project

Take the case of a self-employed person (auto-entrepreneur). The STA (Support for the Self-Employed) program can be interesting if you have never accessed it before.

I had the chance to use it when launching my first startup in 2007. It allowed me to have project financing by obtaining remuneration for a little more than a year.

However, you will have to meet specific required criteria. This program is to finance your income and not for funding your project when starting my first storefront business.

Contact the CLD (Centre local de développement) in your region to use this funding idea, although several premises have been closed in Quebec. You will have access to a host of services to start your business better and understand the challenges of project financing.

Otherwise, contact the city in your area or Emploi Québec, and they will surely be able to give you the appropriate information.

financement de projets

Search for project funding

After that, crowdfunding will be one of the solutions for financing your startup projects.

Then, take steps to use the crowdfunding alternative. With adequate support, your campaign will have a better chance of getting your startup off the ground.


To conclude, you will have two elements to carry out in your search for financing. The first is to find project funding for just your subsistence financial support. And the second is to find new money for your project or a loan.

Want to know if your project has potential for project funding? Contact us now for a free 30-minute consultation. Then, the Dream Makers team will be able to guide you towards good leads for the rest of the events.

To your success!

Guylaine Beauchemin – Crowdfunding project manager

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