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Funding in Quebec

A priori, funding in Quebec became famous in 2016-2017. At this time, the media began to take an interest in the concept of financing a project.

However, crowdfunding has always existed. It is a concept of barter. Give to receive or give to do good to your heart.

Except that over time and the evolution of people, this type of concept has changed and even evolved.

To date, crowdfunding, with or without a reward, is very popular with personal projects or startups. However, small and medium-sized enterprises are beginning to take their place quietly and finance their projects.

In addition, non-profit organizations are constantly funded by projects. Therefore, they also are interested in funding called the crowdfunding concept in Quebec.

We see more and more NPOs launching their campaign to fund their projects.

There comes a time when the NPO lacks imagination with its fundraising campaigns. That is why funding as crowdfunding is a new avenue to take.

Le financement participatif au Québec


Crowdfunding: human visibility

Based on this fact, did you know that doing a crowdfunding campaign in Quebec became a human visibility campaign?

And yes, this allows the company to show its charm and seduce its audience to raise funds for its projects.

Instead of making an advertising campaign with a formal framework, backers like to read and hear great stories.

Do you have a story to tell?

Everyone has one. Tell yours! You will indeed have an audience interested in you and your WHY.

You will earn gallons to inspire others. Who knows, they might give you a donation so that you can succeed in your campaign.

In other words, crowdfunding in Quebec is for all companies or NPOs that want to embark on a great adventure.

Watch the video for more information.

Le financement participatif au Québec

Good listening!

Guylaine Beauchemin – Crowdfunding project manager

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