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How to make an inspiring storytelling

First, when embarking on a crowdfunding campaign, it is essential to know how to make inspiring and, above all, attractive storytelling.
Depending on your story, there are certainly some elements that can come out of your entire life.

In addition, be aware that you have an experience that can feed your audience.

For my part, I didn’t believe that telling a story could inspire others until the day people started telling me, “Guylaine, you’re inspiring. Wow! Your account touches me. I experienced something similar to you. And so on.
So, tell yourself that you certainly have an experience that will attract your target audience.

Here are three techniques to use to know how to make storytelling that will captivate your audience.


1 – Be authentic and transparent

Stories inspire people who can relate to them. In addition, telling a story can become a magnet for donation.

Be comfortable talking about your doubts and situations that reveal your vulnerability.

You are a human, after all. In other words, don’t tell false stories. People will know. And don’t try to wow the gallery. People won’t care.

Just be yourself!

On the other hand, this is where it’s essential to know how to make powerful storytelling with your little moments of despair. You will see that they have value to your readers.

In addition, play the card of proximity and passion with your future contributors.

Your audience sympathizes with you.

Building on transparency and authenticity, know that it pays off!



2 – Transmit your values and vision in your storytelling

Forget about commercial speeches. Today’s what’s working are the emotional speeches when you tell a story.

Bring value. Put the human side in it.

Address Your message to people who share the same values, and like to take the same direction as you.


3 – Be inspiring to others to tell your story

Human beings tend to want to be interesting. However, what interests you is not necessarily attractive to others when you tell a story.

Be inspiring!

Your vulnerability and areas for improvement are the same as others.

Except you’ve decided to make a change. You have chosen to evolve with these.

By taking risks and taking the actions to change, you become inspiring to others and show the way that anything is possible.

In conclusion, I propose that you do the following reflection.

Analyze how you typically communicate with your audience. Are you trying to create an emotional or commercial connection?

I can’t wait to read your inspiring stories!

To your success!

Guylaine Beauchemin – Crowdfunding Project Manager

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