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New partner: Synertium

Synertium became a new partner to help businesses with the sustainability

Like many, we see and hope this historical moment is a turning point. And that entrepreneurship plays a massive role in catalyzing this socio-economic transformation. There are many wonderful people and initiatives trying to make positive impact changes with their projects. We’ve noticed that it’s not always easy for change-making entrepreneurs to achieve their mission for many reasons, including building a viable business structure, accessing resources, and coordinating efforts properly. As a project management firm, Synertium’s mission is to support ventures dedicated to making a positive and responsible impact on transition. Every business project is part of an ecosystem of interactions to produce an expected outcome; whether intentionally or not, it has an impact. We place great importance on positioning ourselves in active collaboration with many global partners in achieving the common goals of sustainable development. As such, we support entrepreneurs in assessing how to build such partnerships.

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At Synertium, we will carry the project on our backs to make it happen and tell you what steps to take to get where you want to be. More specifically, to help start-ups and small businesses, we offer these four main panels of on-demand services: Business Structure, Operational Support, Impact Reporting and Access to Financing. Our team works on projects in Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. And we tackle a range of project areas from energy transition, circular economy, rural development, sustainable cities, natural solutions, access to education, humanitarian aid, cultural inclusion and equal opportunities to many other areas aligned with the SDGs.


It will be a pleasure to get to know other entrepreneurs targeting to be part of this transition, collaborate, learn about your projects, and help you bring the gift of your vision to make a difference in changing the world, one step at a time.


Sincerely yours,

Marc-André Bélisle

Founder and Lead Project Manager at Synertium

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