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Who are we

Dream Makers is a crowdfunding organization led by its founder Guylaine Beauchemin since 2016. A seasoned entrepreneur whose mission is to guide and support project leaders who embrace the same values of innovation, sustainable development, and social well-being. It targets two main segments: start-ups that involve all entrepreneurial projects, the fields of agri-food, innovation, sustainable development, tourism, communication and international e-commerce, and the segment of economic recovery, which includes start-ups and business growth.

Our team

Stéphane Paquette, her husband, was interested in all the ideas that Guylaine had. So he decided to join the adventure as Vice-president in 2021 to bring a new impetus. And of course, without forgetting SISI and GROLOU, their dogs make them very happy.
Guylaine Beauchemin

Guylaine Beauchemin

Founder/CEO, Crowdfunding Consultant

Stéphane Paquette

Stéphane Paquette

Vice President and Business and operations consultant

Marc-André Bélisle

Marc-André Bélisle

Responsible for project management

Karim Benkiran

Karim Benkiran

Responsible for visual communication

Falone Tameza photo

Falone Tameza

Executive assistant and project manager jr.

Our benefits

Dream Makers provides companies and start-ups with the keys to success in promoting their projects. Its objective is to provide a multidisciplinary and experienced team to propel its crowdfunding campaign in the best conditions. The aim is to provide them with good visibility by giving them access to targeted events (galas, conferences, webinars, podcasts, exhibitions and many more) or by providing them with the appropriate advice in terms of communication (writing, social networks, videos, brand image).

We make the difference!


Why become a member of the academy?

    • To be surrounded by a team that is passionate and attentive to the needs of project leaders and contributors.
      • Experts prepare and activate the campaign in different areas and after the campaign.
      • Experts who support companies in all life cycles.
        • Trusted and verified experts.
        • A la carte or turnkey service.
        • Specific program with a dedicated team for those who do not have the start-up funds for a campaign.
    • Personalized and professional support.
    • A win-win service.
    • Participation in the “I help our companies” movement.
    • Be part of the “PRESTIGE” group.
    • Receive various advantages and benefits.
    • Access to local, national and international visibility.


Why submit a project on the platform?

    • Hybrid platform
      • With or without rewards
    • Flexible model
      • You get what you earn.
    • 10% administration fee with essential support.
    • Withdrawal of funds upon reaching the goal from 50% onwards, with supporting proof.
    • Stripe is the trustee payment provider.
    • Share your project on our Facebook group.
    • US currency.
    • And all the benefits of the academy (if a member).

Sectors of activity with social impact Make a difference

  • Agrifood
  • Innovation/technology
  • Sustainable development/eco-responsible/environmental
  • Tourism
  • Digital/ nomadic entrepreneur
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Import/Export
  • Business start-up
  • Business growth
  • Product Launching
  • Business Recovery
  • Financial recovery of a company
  • Young entrepreneurs (Crowdfundyouth)
If your project is not on the list, contact us.

Our mission

The sacred mission of Dream Makers focuses on economic recovery and helping project leaders. However, it goes beyond the crowdfunding campaign by creating two other complementary platforms, thus forming the “success trio.” The first is a non-profit umbrella organization called “TSE”. Its purpose is to raise funds from various sponsorships and individuals to support businesswomen and women from culturally diverse and Native American communities with high potential who do not have the means to start or grow.
The second is an academy created to support entrepreneurs in their launch and promotion after the crowdfunding campaign, whether done by Makers de Rêves or by another organization.

Our collaborators

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