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In 2014, a survey on the growth of PMEs in Quebec revealed that access to external financing was a handicap for 39% of them. Added to this, the low participation of Quebec families did not exceed 900 dollars per year, according to Canadian statistics dating from the period preceding the start of the pandemic. TSE has set up a program to help prepare a crowdfunding campaign for women entrepreneurs and native and cultural diversity communities.
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First, TSE will tour provincially and across Canada to raise women’s awareness of entrepreneurship through various events. That will allow them to be inspired and see the opportunities that come their way by showing them that they can get support when they are ready to take the first step of ideation.
Thanks to its actions, TSE and Dream Makers allow start-ups to enhance their brand image and show their involvement in the social and economic fabric. But on the other hand, they make it possible to support and launch high-potential projects that would not have been possible without funding. Therefore, the program is an economic accelerator because it allows Quebec and Canada to benefit from all the good entrepreneurial ideas. Several other actions will emerge to give companies more visibility. One of them is the Dream Makers caravan, which will crisscross Quebec to promote local entrepreneurs. Make their voices heard, and highlight them through the production and broadcast of various television media on Web TV Le Québec en Direct.
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